‘Wanna Connect?’ Socially Interactive Technologies in Paraprofessional Staff Training & Social Media? @ #NASPAtech 2011

Program Description: Students have grown accustomed to — even reliant on — social media as the most ubiquitous way to interact. Keeping with this custom, our department organized paraprofessional staff training around the idea of using social media to engage residential communities. In this session, participants will discuss 9 forms of socially interactive technologies that were employed during training, strategies that students developed for using them to engage peers, and impacts of social media on students. Implications for training and evaluation will be discussed.

Friday, October 28th, 2011
9:30 – 10:30 am

Presenter: Christopher Weiss, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Presenter’s Notes: Here’s my outline and keynote.

Other Resources: Social Media Toolkit!!

Credits (It was amazing working with these spectacular professionals and students, I attribute all of our success to them, and will continue to thank them for allowing me the pleasure of presenting our results):

The Training Committee:

  1. Julene Pinto-Dyczewski
  2. Maliaka Turner
  3. Daniel Percopo
  4. Hannah Skarin
  5. Annie Greaney
  6. Bill Zimmerman
  7. Tory Rowlands
Student Focus Group:
  1. Casey Ryan
  2. Evan Whirlow
  3. Rachel Smigielski
  4. Nacho Alarcon
  5. Vince Sawyer
  6. Adam Friedman
  7. Jenn Jackson

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