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Navigating the Graduate School Application Process @ NACURH 2011

Program Description: We are First-Year grad students at IUP, Chris has a binder-larger-than-a-bible of his entire application process to 7 different schools, and Tory took the more informal approach.  Since we love to help (and Chris is a hoarder – he has literally every document involved in the process), we want to share our experience to help you navigate the prickly process!

Saturday, May 28th
10 – 10:50am
Morgan Hall 310

Presenters: Tory Rowlands and Christopher Weiss

Presenters’ Notes


Other Resources: NASPA’s Graduate Program Directory

William Paterson University’s graduate school application timeline

Chris Weiss’ outline to his grad school application process (admittedly ridiculous and unnecessary, as Tory explained)

For requests, questions, comments, feedback, etc:
Tory: @VRowlands or
Chris: @Chris_S_Weiss or 


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